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"getting jack done" @ 02.17.02
you know you've had a bad dream when you wake up the next morning and instantly check to see if everything is 'normal' again.

i meant to mention this the other day since i haven't had any sort of dream like this in a long time, but's odd. you see i had a dream that was sex-related, i mean i think i remember trying to hook up with some girl. but i just remember looking down at one point and seeing odd things well..down there.

now i don't know about you, but when you look down and see pins and needles in your dick, you tend to freak out. especially when there were so many. and somehow, some way..whenever i got really excited..little..well, things, popped up.

needless to say when i woke up the next morning and had to go to the bathroom i instantly checked down there just to make 100% sure that i hadn't gotten really shitfaced the night before and done something stupid. and i hadn't, but freaked me out because i haven't had a dream so real and yet so demented like that in a real long time, and honestly i can do without another one for a really long time.

and hmm..i have two days of math-work to do, and the duke vs maryland game is coming on, i have a feeling i'm not going to get jack done.


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