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"grumpy as shit" @ 02.16.02
you know what's fucking funny, the fact i can't seem to learn from stuff that screws me over.

i mean in the past week i've had the most current ex tell me that one of the reasons was basically that i cared...or maybe cared too much, something along those lines.

and tonight, when i had already almost gone home because my stomach was killing me [turns out i just had to rip a gigantic fart], after almost everyon had gone home a friend asked if i would do her silveware for her so she could go out and well..i believe do a line of cocaine, i'm not sure and nor do i really want to know. either way my stupid good-samaratin ass said 'yes' and because of that action was stuck in the fucking restaurant until 12:30, by which point i was jacks raging fury.

but now..i'm home. with little to look forward to, save the fact that tomorrow i do not have to go to work since i gave up my shift. you know..i should just stop working, period. then i think i might be happy..but then i'd probably get bored and want to do something, i'd also want some money.

oh yes and i just realize reason three i should stop being such a nice person. if i was an asshole, or closer to it, i would've asked the girl from my english class for her number on the 13th and then would've had a "date" or something similar on the 14th..which would've made the weekend better.

but sadly none of that happened, and as a consequence i get to continue being grumpy as shit.


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